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Please read the policies below before requesting an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email after we approve your request.

We are a cash or check preferred facility

We offer Venmo payment with a small fee

Please bring a copy of your dog's current rabies vaccination record. We can not accept dogs without a current rabies vaccination. We recommend all dogs be current on all vaccinations before visiting our facility


In order to provide the personalized one on one care Bows and Biscuits is proud of all dogs must be dropped off and picked up on time. Any client more than 15 minutes late will be charged a late fee and/or receive an incomplete groom as our schedule allows. Please be ready to pick up your pet within an hour of their service being completed to avoid a daycare fee.

The staff at Bows and Biscuits is proud to offer one on one appointments for their clients. We require a 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule appointments. If 24 hours is not given a fee equaling half of your appointment will be added to your next appointment scheduled.

Bows and Biscuits reserves the right to refuse any pet based on aggression, medical conditions, the amount of stress a pet exhibits, or if the pet or groomer is deemed in danger. Clients will be charged for completed services.

We require a 7 day waiting period for appointments after any vaccines are administered or the dog has been under sedation

We can not accept dogs sedated with Acepromazine due to its lack of calming properties and as it can make the pet more fearful or aggressive. Talk to your veterinarian about alternatives if you feel the need for medication

Sanitation fees may be added for excessive feces or urine messes. Offer your pet a potty break before their appointment.

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