CC Big G.jpg

Chris Christensen- Big G Slicker

Perfect for brushing fluffy coats

Greyhound Comb.jpg

Small Slicker Artero.jpg

Greyhound Comb- Perfect for detail work and finding tangles

Small slicker brush perfect for brushing tangles on the littles

Best Shot Ultra Wash.jpg

Best Shot Shampoo- Cleans deep and smells great!

Just Divine.jpg

Spray before brushing to prevent breaking coat. Does not dematt

Best Shot Conditioner.jpg

Best Shot Conditioner- all dogs need a deep condition to stay soft and smell great


Spray directly on tangles and use a slicker to brush out. Works great!

Toothpaste kit.jpg

Toothpaste and brush kit for fresh breath and clean teeth

Skouts Honor Spray.jpg

Deodorizer that doesn't just mask smells. Comes in multiple scents including unscented!

Artero mini comb.jpg

5.9 inch comb to find tangles on small dogs

Oravet chews.jpg

Veterinarian recommended dental chews for fresh breath

The Stuff.jpg

Excellent spray to help create a barrier from dirt, dust, and snow. Adds shine and prevents tangles

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